The Demystifying Diversity Team is personally and professionally passionate about diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). They have made it their mission to work together to create a more inclusive world and are excited to bring their knowledge and experience to your organization.
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In Demystifying Diversity: Embracing our Shared Humanity, Biracial journalist Daralyse Lyons has interviewed more than 100 individuals—academics, politicians, thought-leaders, advocates, activists and even an incarcerated inmate—and reveals her most important insights while providing information that you can utilize to increase your racial literacy and cultural competency. By engaging with the author directly, you will have a unique chance to learn her proven methods for expanding beyond your biases and embracing the humanity in yourself and others.


We provide deep-dive, guided trainings on a variety of DEI topics for businesses, groups and schools. Trainings incorporate video and audio footage and are interactive and engaging. Virtual sessions are available for individuals or groups, and can be booked as a single session or on a recurring basis.

Topics Include: Intro to DEI, Racial Literacy, Cultural Competency, Radical Inclusion, Accessibility, Intersectional Identity, DEI & Profitability,Health Ramifications of Racism, and Examining Privilege


We conduct a company audit using anonymous surveys, confidential and/or collaborative conversations, and our own observations. As part of the audit process, we provide a comprehensive assessment of existing strategies and current outcomes. Based on our findings, we offer recommendations along with a detailed implementation strategy that will enhance your company's DEI efforts.


Engaging and empathetic, these listen and learn sessions offer a safe, constructive environment for authentic conversations.  These sessions can consist of as few as two people and as many as 100. Through the utilization of our proven method for constructive, solutions-oriented discussions, we encourage people to confront the underlying forces and factors that are impeding authentic relationships.  These sessions support employee cohesion and foster empathy. Their positive effects offer skills-based, affirming techniques that serve participants personally and professionally.

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