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a collage of diverse people

About The Demystifying Diversity Podcast

Through personal narratives, racial literacy, and cultural competency,

the Demystifying Diversity Podcast illuminates the shared humanity of all people.

Listen, learn, and join us in our mission to stop discrimination. 

Together, we can work to overcome the devastating impact

of othering and to create a more inclusive world.

How Did The Demystifying Diversity Podcast
Come To Be?

“You may be hurting because someone has othered you, yet, whether you were aware of it or not, it’s likely that you’ve othered someone else. With empathy and understanding, we can move beyond fear, suspicion, and discrimination into healing, hope, and love.” – Daralyse

a conference room full of diverse people



0f diversity

The Demystifying Diversity Podcast was originally created by Daralyse Lyons & AnnaMarie Jones in 2019

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